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What is the future-proof economic model?

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The Global economy has increased ten-fold during past 70 years. The economic model based on technological progress, cheap energy input and mass-scale production has created abundance of material goods and welfare. However, by now this model is compromised – broken the planetary boundaries and led humankind to the verge of social and ecological crisis. How to move on with a better plan? Consumption is the fuel for economy – how will the business do in the post-growth economy? Is circular and bioeconomy the right vehicle? Is it possible really to detach growth from resource consumption? Some socio-economic studies refer to new alternatives. These are crucial issues for politicians, social scientists, economists and entrepreneurs. For all of us. Arutelu viipekeelne tõlge eesti keeles


Arutelu keel: Inglise
Arutelu juht: Kristi Saare
Osalejad: Kristiina Esop (Vastutustundliku Ettevõtluse foorumi juht), Mika Pantzar (Soome futurist ja majandusteadlane), Mikael Malmaeus (Rootsi Keskonnainstituudi teadlane), Tea Danilov (Head of Foresight Centre at Riigikogu)
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