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Veganism: a self-restricted or a healthy diet?

Veganism is growing in popularity both globally and in Estonia but opinions about the healthfulness of vegan diets vary to the extreme between specialists and countries. Overseas in Finland and Sweden, veganism in considered appropriate throughout all stages of life and the national nutritional guidelines give advice on balanced nutrition for vegans. Estonian nutritional guidelines, on the other hand, regard veganism as a self-restricted diet that will lead to long-term health complications. What does the science tell? Should vegans be supported and how?


Kuupäev: 12.08.2017
Kellaaeg: 13.00-14.30
Ürituse lava: Tervise ala
Arutelu keel: Inglise
Arutelu juht: Marta Velgan, Estonian Junior Doctors' Association
Osalejad: David Stenhholtz, oncologist at Stockholm’s Södersjukhuset hospital​;​ Mikael Fogelholm, Professor of Nutrition at Helsinki University;​ Ülle Einberg, president of the Estonian Association of Paediatricians; and Karmen Joller, general pracitioner
Korraldaja: Eesti Vegan Selts (Estonian Vegan Society); sponsored by Swedish Institute and Kodanikuühiskonna Sihtkapital