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Manipulation and information warfare

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How media influences our lives and the elections has been much discussed topic in recent years. News that quite often are shocking are revealed almost daily and usually the rule of it is that "you do not realize that you have been attacked and do not understand that that your interests are on the losing end". To avoid being the one who loses in this information war, you need to be able to distinguish between news and manipulation. Perhaps the most influential survey from last year’s “The image of Europe in top Russian TV channels“ was carried out in cooperation with the Estonian Centre of Eastern Partnership and the Ukrainian Crisis Management Centre, to explore over 31,000 stories of three main Russian media channels within 3,5 years. This analyse reveals that Russia has set up a skilfully planned strategy to ridicule European values and create a horrifying image of Europe, and through this, influence the opinion of Russian speaking people about European Union and Ukraine. Mr. Oleksii Makuhin, an expert of the Ukrainian Crisis Media Centre, Mr. Raul Rebane, a strategic communications expert and Ms. Anneli Ahonen, a team member of EU East StratCom Task Force will discuss and analyse these shocking results and the impact of it for Europe. This topic, as the information war itself, is not over, it is actually just about to begin, and it is obvious that solutions affect the Estonian information space for a long time. The English-speaking discussion is led by Mr. Jarmo Mäkela, a Finnish analyst with outstanding international media experience, and a columnist of “Postimees”. The arrangement of the discussion is supported by the Finnish Institute in Estonia.


Arutelu keel: Inglise
Arutelu juht: Mr. Jarmo Mäkela (Finnish analyst with outstanding international media experience and a columnist of “Postimees”)
Osalejad: Mr. Oleksii Makuhin (an expert of the Ukrainian Crisis Media Centre), Mr. Raul Rebane (a strategic communications expert) and Ms. Anneli Ahonen (a team member of EU East StratCom Task Force)
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