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Learning Through Activity

Ürituse lava: Lastearutelud

The Finnish teaching start-up LeaDo was born when primary school teacher Lea Tornberg discovered a new method to calm the bored and unruly students in her class. The trick was to approach the excess energy in the room differently, and encourage the students to redirect their restless energy into different forms of exercise, rather than punish them for their hyperactivity. The LeaDo activity and learning centre offers restless children the opportunity to exercise during class. The new approach has proven successful, and the classroom these days is calmer, while the students have become better learners. LeaDo’s creator Lea Tornberg will share her personal experiences at the Arvamus-festival, and will discuss the start-up’s international success. A LeaDo activity centre will also be set up on-site, where all festival-goers may themselves experience how exercise can improve concentration.


Arutelu keel: Inglise
Arutelu juht: Mario Mäeots
Osalejad: Lea Tornberg, Finnish teacher and creator of innovative teaching methods (in English)
Korraldaja: Finnish Institute in Estonia