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What will the future of Great Britain and the EU be like after Brexit?

Brexit and its impact on Europe, Great Britain and Estonia. Estonia has just assumed the Presidency of the EU Council, and this topic is a daily relevant issue also during our Presidency. What can we and the European Union learn from it, and what do the people from different parts of Great Britain think of it.


Kuupäev: 11.08.2017
Kellaaeg: 18.00-19.30
Ürituse lava: Eesti Vabaerakonna ala
Arutelu keel: Inglise
Arutelu juht: Andres Herkel
Osalejad: Christopher Sier from FiNexus Labs (representative of Britain), Peter Cheney from Oil Spill Control OÜ (representative of Scotland) and Alice Chau-Ginguené from Maow Care company (from Ireland)