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European Citizens’ Initiative: Participatory democracy for citizen-powered Europe

Ürituse lava: Eesti maailmas (24)

How much power do you have? With the European Citizens’ Initiative, you can shape European policy. Join us to find out more about this unique tool allowing you to suggest concrete legal changes in any field where the European Commission has power to propose legislation. We will discuss the importance of participatory democracy as well as give you valuable information on the European Citizens’ Initiative. Come and take the initiative with us!


Arutelu keel: Inglise
Arutelu juht: Mall Hellam
Osalejad: Pirkko Valge (Good Deed Foundation), Martin A. Noorkõiv (Domus Dorpatensis, Good Citizen), Marta Pardavi (Hungarian Helsinki Committee), Pascal Herry (European Commission), György Schöpflin (Former Rapporteur on the European Citizen's Initiative in the European Parliament)
Korraldaja: European Commission