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Diversity – a tool for sustainable success

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Discussion is about the benefits of diversity for different types of organisations. Diverse workforce brings along open-mindedness and helps to grasp all potential business opportunities. It is fruitful on both management level as well as in the overall workforce. Several researches have proven that companies with more women in management positions are more profitable (IMF 2016). Research also indicates companies with more diverse workforces perform better financially (McKinsey & Company, 2018). Why diversity brings various benefits? Are Nordic and Baltic companies realizing this competitive edge? Arutelu viipekeelne tõlge eesti keeles


Arutelu keel: Inglise
Arutelu juht: Annika Arras (CEO & Partner at Miltton New Nordics)
Osalejad: Piia Karhu, Senior Vice President, Customer experience, Finnair; Anu Realo (PhD), professor, Warwicki Ülikool (Suurbritannia) ja Tartu Ülikool; Kaire Tero, personalijuht, Rimi Eesti Food AS; Jevgeni Ossinovski, Riigikogu liige; Ahmed Abdirahman, Policy Expert at Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, Sweden (poliitikanõunik, Stockholmi Kaubanduskoda, Rootsi)
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