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The Future of NATO

Сцена мероприятия: Eesti maailmas (24)

2019 marks the 70th Anniversary of the North Atlantic Alliance and 15 years of Estonia's membership in NATO. It's a good moment to look at current and future challenges to the Alliance. What are the key issues, risks and threats the Alliance is facing in the future? How is the nature of threats evolving and what should be our response? The discussion is organised in cooperation with the Friedrich Ebert Foundation and the Embassy of Germany in Estonia.


Arutelu keel: Inglise
Arutelu juht: Taavi Toom
Участники: Marko Mihkelson (Chairman of the Council of EATA), Colonel Paul Clayton (eFP commander of the British Army in Estonia), Anu Eslas (Member of Estonian Atlantic Treaty Association and long-term representative of Estonia at the NATO Industrial Advisory Group), Kalev Stoicescu (International Centre for Defence and Security)
Korraldaja: Eesti NATO Ühing