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Who is richest – Jaan, Janis or Justas? The financial portrait of the Baltics.

Stage: Baltimaade ala

How does the financial portrait of the Baltics look like and who is the richest? Lack of savings, living from payday to payday and low trust in pension system – these are just some of the current problems all Baltic households are facing. This panel is to discuss the current situation and to think about solutions and opportunities how to change saving and investing culture in the Baltics.


Arutelu keel: Inglise
Arutelu juht: Kati Voomets (Swedbanki eraisikute rahaasjade teabekeskuse juht)
Participants: Kristjan Tamla (Swedbanki investeerimisfondide juht), Leonore Riitsalu (MTÜ Rahatarkus), Vaidotas Šumskis (Leedu keskpank, peaökonomist), Sanita Gertmane (Läti Tarbijakaitseamet)
Korraldaja: Swedbank Eesti AS