The energy connecting the festival team is truly one of a kind. The Festival stands out for the way it’s put together and put in motion: we believe that everyone who plays a role in the team – no matter how small or big that part may be – is important and needed. The Festival has been created in our image and that of our participants.

We subscribe to the principle that supports people ready and willing to contribute their time, knowledge and skills towards something that does not bring them direct profit.

The Opinion Festival was born as a civil initiative and relies completely on the work done by dozens of volunteers and the support of our sponsors.We are united by the core concept behind the Opinion Festival: as a meeting place for interesting thoughts, new ideas and bold initiatives; a place that boosts courage and self-esteem, makes people eagerly ask themselves ‘What more could I do?’, and encourages thoughtful discussion and decision-making.

We want the Vallimägi Hill in Paide to become known as the birthplace of new ideas and the place where people expect to gather annually in the third week of August, helping to transform our country’s 45,227 square kilometres into a better place.

Contact us

In case of any questions or suggestions, you can reach us directly on

Maiu Lauring Maiu Lauring
Head Organizer and Programme Manager  517 7321
Martha-Beryl Grauberg Martha-Beryl Grauberg
Head of Communications  5344 9978